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• 9/3/2015

Kingsley's Customerpalooza 2015

Put links to customers below for the 2015 Customerpalooza!!

Vote Eric NUmber One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here's Eric's bio

Eric is a cheerful school-goer from Tastyville. Eric loves his hat and has always been trying to draw attention from Papa Louie, but so far his plans haven’t succeeded,   but he will keep trying anyway. Eric loves Papa Louie’s restaurants, having been to all of them, but so far he remains as an unrecognized guest of Papa Louie’s restaurants. He hopes that one day he will become a renowned customer of the ‘famous’ Papa Louie series. His interests are table tennis and schwimming, he adores Rudy, he likes hot food and anything except peppers, eggplants and mushrooms (mostly). He also doesn't like weird combos, or jalepenos on chips, but he does like trying new combos!

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• 9/2/2015

Another link

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